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Naya Waserona Women's Group

The Naya Waserona Women’s Group is a group of Shipibo women artisans in Peru. Shipibo women are known for their weaving, embroidery, and unique jewelry using natural materials including mud, seeds, bark, cotton.

The intricate geometric designs of the Shipibo tell stories. The history and story of the development of these designs is extensive.


and Pangea Path


have done an excellent job discussing the process on their blogs.

The Naya Waserona Women’s Group is based at the jungle retreat, Tierra Vida, on beautiful Yarina Cocha in Northern Peru.

As described by a visitor on their Facebook page…..

“TierraVida Benxote is a beautifully peaceful, isolated space in the heart of Ucayali Region with access to the jungle, spacious kitchen and huge Maloka, large huts and amazing local food provided by the kindest family of Shipibo origins. Not only you feel safe there, you are heartily welcomed to be a member of their wise family for the duration of your stay. Much love to all of you kind and honest beings. I will be coming back to visit your amazing place and share love vibes..”

Tierra Vida is the first project of the NGO Nibero, www.Nibero.org

Aina Moja works exclusively with this network of women.

Aina Moja supports theNaya Waserona Women’s Group through purchase of their items at Fair trade prices. 100% of profits from the sales assist the pojects of Expanding Opportunities in USA and Kenya.