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Pascal Chuma



Born in Kenya, Pascal Chuma realized his passion for art started when he was five years old, that was when he discovered art was his first language. This led him to study art at the Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts. He became a full-time painter in 2010. He paints in a wide diversity of styles from, Cubism, Expressionism, Mixed Media intergrated collage and his invented and now famous Chumaism Style. His masterpiece contemporary paintings are inspired by the environment he lives in, its conservation, dreams and the female forms. Having tried different techniques during his career, he fell in love with painting using oil, acrylic and palette knife. Each artwork is a result of a long painting process with each canvas being born during the creative search. Every painting is the expression of his inner world of peace. Each of his artworks brings out different moods, colour, emotions, relations to socio-political levels and our African Culture. His works are an expression of the beauty, harmony and spirit of both his inner and outer worlds. His artworks reflect his feelings, sensitivity, passion, and the music from his soul. To Pascal, art is alive and inspired by humanity as a basic need. The flickering network of colours in his paintings has attracted the audience both from local and international spheres.

Pascal is the founder and also a teacher at Bobea Art Centre Kenya, which he founded to nurture young artists and empower them to earn an income through their creativity and express themselves. His vision is to see that most talented children and youth get skills and free supplies since many parents with such gifted children are unable to provide them with the same and art as a subject has since been scrapped from the school syllabus in Kenya. He also intends to expand the Gallery to market them appropriately. Email: bobeaartcentre@gmail.com +254721637796 http://www.bobeaartcentre.co.ke


PASCAL and his art are listed on the Bobea Art Center site. You can view and purchase his work in three ways.

Contact Pascal Directly at bobeaartcentre@gmail.com

Using the SHOP feature on the Bobea Art Center Site

Or through emailing us and we will have his art shipped to us in USA and then your purchase can go through our secure server or through direct contact.