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Mancala – African Game

Mancala – African Game


Mancala board game. It measures 5.75 inches wide and 24 inches wide. There are 16 pits in all with 2 mancala.

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All of our items are hand made in Kenya, Africa. We offer Fair Trade, Green Eco gifts. Our sales provide income for families in Kenya. Thank you for shopping at Aina Moja.
  • Description

    Product Description

     Mancala is a simple game played all over Africa as well as other place. Rules vary slightly, but  the object is to capture as many of your opponents stones as possible.  In one version, each player places 3 stones in each of the playing pits on his or her side but not in the mancala at the end. The beginning person collects the balls in a pit on his or her side and places each one at a time into successive pits including the players own mancala. Balls are not placed in the opponents mancala. If a past ball is placed in own mancala you get another turn. If the last last ball is placed in an empty pit on your own side, you collect the balls from the opposite pit.  The game ends when all the pits on one side are empty. The remaining balls go into the mancala of that side. The winner has the most in their mancala. It is a simple and fun game.
    This board  measures 5.75 inches wide and 24 inches wide. There are 16 pits in all with 2 mancala.
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