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President Obama Kanga

President Obama Kanga

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Obama is a “local boy hero” in Kenya. His Presidency has given hope and encouragement to all.  The Kiswahili saying around President Obama’s head reads “Hongera, Barak Obama”, which means “Congratulations, Barak Obama”.  Across the bottom of the kanga, “Upendo na Amani, Ametujalia Mungu,”- “Love and Peace, May God empower you.”  This blue kanga panel is approximately, 42″ x 60″.

All of our items are hand made in Kenya, Africa. We offer Fair Trade, Green Eco gifts. Our sales provide income for families in Kenya. Thank you for shopping at Aina Moja.
  • Description

    Product Description

    A kanga is a traditional African wrap that is used by men and women alike throughout East Africa. Kangas originated in East Africa back in the 19th century. Although copied in many countries, a “genuine kanga” has 3 distinct characteristics – it’s 100% cotton; it’s made in East Africa; and it contains a Swahili proverb or saying. The kanga is still evolving. Like the T-shirt, but incomparably more elegant and useful, it is a medium for personal, social and religious expression. As an art form, as well as a beautiful textile, the kanga has become an integral part of East African culture.

    Made of 100% cotton, the Kanga is the “everything” cloth of Africa. They are used as skirts, dresses, head wraps, baby carriers, ground cloths, wall decorations, table cloths, and when worn out, cleaning cloths. Only your imagination limits the use of these simple, African lengths of fabric made of 100% cotton.

    The traditional Kanga as sold in East Africa has two selvage edges and two raw edges and measures approximately 62″ wide by 42″ long. Each kanga is machine washable and the more it is washed the softer it will become!

    Our genuine kangas are imported from Kenya and Tanzania.

  • Additional Information

    Additional Information


    Single Panel, Double Panel

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    Our Products

    Aina Moja is Kiswahili for "one of a kind". Each item is uniquely hand-made by African artists and therefore, one of a kind. Due to the fact that each item is handmade, actual item may vary slightly from product image.

    Aina Moja products are sold at art and craft fairs throughout the summer and fall as well as in the Aina Moja shop in Belfast, Maine.

    Aina Moja is a member of Fair Trade Gifts and is part of the Artisan Support project of Expanding Opportunities, a 501(3)c organization.

    Our Money

    Our items are purchased directly from artisans in Kenya, Africa and not at tourist stations. The purchase of the items supports individuals and families in Kenya.

    Proceeds from sales of the items at Aina Moja help support the projects of Expanding Opportunities, including the Street Children Fund, STEMS, Camp Forest, Friends Across the Ocean, Books for Kenya, and Distance Learning Centers. Expanding Opportunities has the greater mission of increasing self-sufficiency through educational and charitable projects for people nationally and internationally.

    Aina Moja offers you an opportunity to donate for a child or give to Expanding Opportunities. Add a donation to your order for yourself or give a donation as a gift.